Animal Cruelty Upon Request

The following is an update to a previous blog post, “Animal Cruelty Goes Federal.” Please sign the petition requesting a stop on the sale of foie gras at the Presidio Social Club.

Photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

According to a recent report on the San Francisco Chronicle’s Inside Scoop, the Presidio Social Club has officially pulled foie gras from its menu and promotions. The kicker here is that chef-owner Ray Tang is vague when describing the extent to which the restaurant will follow the statewide ban. His suggestive statements leave the door open for interpretation and the possibility that he may continue to serve the dish to guests upon request.

This new move shows Tang’s lack of pride in the dishes that offers. Chefs should stand firmly behind the dishes that they offer. Tang has instead decided to hide behind vague comments and word play.

Make your voice heard by signing the petition above.


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