The Photographer

The Himalayas. Each click of the mouse opened a new photo taken among some of the world’s most rugged terrain.

The faces were weathered, wrinkly dry leather. Teeth flashed an unreal white, juxtaposed against the deep brown of the tanned skin and rosey cheeks.

The glacial water ran clear between the loose dirt that settled beneath the rugged mountaintops.

He spent more than two weeks among the villagers, drinking in the contrasting dry land and vibrant colors pulled from the earth to dye hats and scarves.

The little girl sits, frozen in a squat. Her smile and bright red sweater, a contradiction among the rocks.

I sip from my cup before returning it to the tray that room service set out earlier. The photos and stories continue as we huddle around the iMac, staring into a world sharpened by his eye and brightened by their openness.


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