Checked Out: This Book Sucks

If I am consistent with anything it is attempting and repeatedly failing to read books for strictly educational purposes. That’s the kind of statement that makes everyone think you are a complete moron, but whatever…I’m tired.

Sitting next to me right now are two books by Michael Lewis: The Big Short and Boomerang. I collected these books hoping that through some form of osmosis I would come to a deeper understanding of the recession.

The Recession

It’s a topic I have been publicly speaking about for years and about a month ago I wanted to read more about it. I checked out Boomerang from the local library since The Big Short was on reserve at the time.

A week later my request came in and I had both books. Great. Wonderful. Excellent. Shit. Now I had to read them. I tried one. It sat next to my bed. It rested on my desk. Anywhere I sat in the apartment, and I mean anywhere, that book made an appearance. It was like a puppy, nipping at my ankles, begging for a bit of interaction.

The bookmark jumped forward a few pages at a time and after more than a month, and renewals on both copies, it rests firmly on page 68.

Assigned Reading

I should know by now not to assign myself books. It’s my nature to rebel against assigned reading. It began in elementary school with those books about the dog and maybe there was a chicken…I don’t know, I barely cracked them.

I love reading but always hated reading for class. In a strange twist of ironic fate my rebellious nature was not helpful through my BA in English Literature and my MA in the same subject.; though I finally tailored my assignments to Hemingway and Fitzgerald. I can read most of what they write as long as it’s short and only takes a few sittings.

Anyway, these books are going back; unread and having replaced the joy of reading with hours of guilt and stress.

I think it’s time to pick up the books I enjoy reading rather than force feeding my brain. Anyway, I’ve seen so many well-acted movies on the recession that I feel I know just about everything about it.

Plus it shouldn’t really affect me since I resigned my job and relocated to California.


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