Create Some Content

Content is the lifeblood of nonprofits. It can be photos of your staff out in the field, statistics that highlight trends in your sector or a simple message of why your work is important.


The best part of creating content is that there are so many places to share it online. No matter what you post it should be done without any heavy handed self-promotion and frequently; how often is really up to your ability to create content and your audience’s appetite for information.

The social media tools exist to help create and share content but too many nonprofits stagnate, never updating old posts with recent information or worse yet, having their latest post be days or weeks old.

Sure, there is always the threat of turning off your audience by posting too much, but rarely have I seen a nonprofit share too much information – ask for money too many times sure – but never share too much information.

Leave the Ask to Direct Mail

It is important to remember that you are not expressing creating content as an outlet for asking for help. You are putting forward information that will engage current and future supporters. You are planting a seed and tending it.

If you are after quick money and doing things as they have been done in the past then you do not need to concern yourself with this approach. However, if you want to broaden your audience and turn occasional support into lifelong commitments, you must not be afraid to share your spotlight, praise others in your sector and let people in, behind the curtain.

Growing Long Term Support

In my experience at nonprofits, I find that the most adverse opponents are frequently the most misinformed. It is up to you to provide information that helps your audience arrive at an informed view of your mission and efforts. This is not to say that you must win them all over. It is up to them to decide if they want to support you.

Sure there are some people that will never support your cause regardless of the amount or type of information you provide and your CEO may very well be compensated too much, but choose your battles.

Start Creating

An interesting article appeared on Fortune online last week regarding Facebook updates and how they disrupt business plans. The topic centered on the introduction of Timeline and the eradication of the landing tab.

Once you read the article ask yourself if you were or still are against the shift to Timeline. Why? Is it because you had a terrific landing tab that your creative team or advertising agency created? Is it because your now very public wall is rarely updated?

This shift by Facebook is one example of an opportunity to be relevant. A landing tab has never been created that made an organization relevant. Your actions in carrying out your mission are relevant and you accomplish them every day.

Take another look at your staff, your clients, your supporters and your organization as a whole. What did you do today? Let others know. If you do not have anything to post today then your problem is not social media.

There’s no video today. So go create some content…


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