Is Creativity Alive in PR?

Creativity is everywhere these days; from the central topic of the best-selling Steve Jobs biography to shaping how we apply for employment. People now come together en masse just to discuss the next big idea while others have taken their creativity to the streets.

So one would think that imagination is the driving force behind public relations campaigns to grab the interest of the community. I’m not so sure and neither is the Holmes Report. There are creative campaigns out there, they are just few and far between, often dominated by advertising as we witnessed at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

In an effort to put a finger on this issue, the Holmes Report is attempting to measure the level of creativity among PR professionals through their survey which launched today.

As an aside, a survey is not incredibly creative and its layout did nothing to get my juices going.

According to the Holmes Report website:
The study is co-authored by the Holmes Report and Now Go Create, a consultancy that helps companies and agencies improve their creative techniques. The survey aims to gauge opinions and attitudes towards the topic of creativity, exploring such areas as the role of creativity in the PR environment; the processes and practices in place to deliver breakthrough ideas; and the challenges that stymie the development of a creative culture within the PR industry.

Do you feel creative in your own work? Are you stifled by process? Here are a few tips from Harvard Business Review to help you break out of your rut.


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