Snip, Snip

Walking through the door of Le Marcel Dog Bakery, you could be excused for purchasing a treat for yourself. A large case is filled with sweets for Fido including Terrier-Misu, Whippet Whoopie Pies, and Gimme S’mores.

Ms. Kluender and I had a hands-down favorite today, a specialty cake with an important message. Please spay or neuter your pet; the health and social benefits are definitely worth it and with so many animals looking for a home you will help to keep down the pet population. If you need financial assistance or have questions regarding spay/neuter surgery, speak with your pet’s veterinarian and contact local service providers like the San Francisco SPCA to find out about reduced fees.

When I proposed a spay/neuter program called “Balls Off Boston” they all laughed. It might be time to revisit that concept.


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